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This is a page of the previous Morpho Challenge 2008. The current challenge is Morpho Challenge 2009.

Unsupervised Morpheme Analysis -- Morpho Challenge 2008 

Part of the EU Network of Excellence PASCAL Challenge Program and organized in collaboration with CLEF. Participation is open to all.

The objective of the Challenge is to design a statistical machine learning algorithm that discovers which morphemes (smallest individually meaningful units of language) words consist of. Ideally, these are basic vocabulary units suitable for different tasks, such as text understanding, machine translation, information retrieval, and statistical language modeling.

The scientific goals are:

Morpho Challenge 2008 is a follow-up to our previous Morpho Challenge 2005 (Unsupervised Segmentation of Words into Morphemes) and Morpho Challenge 2007 (Unsupervised Morpheme Analysis). The task of Morpho Challenge 2008 is similar to the Morpho Challenge 2007, where the aim is to find the morpheme analysis of the word forms in the data. For this challenge, Arabic is added as one of the evaluated languages. For the IR task, there is also a new possibility to provide the morpheme analysis of the words in their context.

Participation in the previous challenges is by no means a prerequisite for participation in Morpho Challenge 2008. Everyone is welcome and we hope to attract many participating teams. The results will be presented in a workshop. Please read the rules and see the schedule. The datasets are available for download. Submit your analyses (result files) by sending them by email to the organizers, or by indicating a location where the organizers can download your files. Remember also to describe your algorithm in a paper. Please read the formatting instructions in rules.

The results from the evaluation runs are now in the Results page.
The Workshop was held in September 17, 2008

Mikko Kurimo, Ville Turunen and Matti Varjokallio
Adaptive Informatics Research Centre, Helsinki University of Technology
The organizers


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