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Morpheme lattice

Unsupervised Morpheme Segmentation and Morphology Induction from Text Corpora Using Morfessor 1.0


Publications in Computer and Information Science, Report A81, Helsinki University of Technology, March 2005.


In this work, we describe the first public version of the Morfessor software, which is a program that takes as input a corpus of unannotated text and produces a segmentation of the word forms observed in the text. The segmentation obtained often resembles a linguistic morpheme segmentation. Morfessor is not language-dependent. The number of segments per word is not restricted to two or three as in some other existing morphology learning models. The current version of the software essentially implements two morpheme segmentation models presented earlier by us (Creutz and Lagus, 2002; Creutz, 2003).

The document contains user's instructions, as well as the mathematical formulation of the model and a description of the search algorithm used. Additionally, a few experiments on Finnish and English text corpora are reported in order to give the user some ideas of how to apply the program to his own data sets and how to evaluate the results.

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